Choosing the Right POS for Your Winery Restaurant

Toast, Square, Clover – if you have been researching which Restaurant POS system is best you have likely stumbled across these popular names. They are affordable, understand the restaurant industry, and may even come with their own hardware capable of withstanding heat and grease.

If you are a winery with a restaurant – you may need something a bit more nuanced. Here is a checklist that you should look for when choosing a point of sale for your winery restaurant.

Interactive and customizable table map

Upon logging into your point of sale, you should have some sort of table map. This will help servers easily assign customers to their tables as well as allow all users to see which tables are occupied. Your POS should also allow you to customize the table map to match your restaurant and easily assign wait staff to tables.

Communication with front and back of house

Restaurants are fast-paced – your POS should be able to efficiently communicate with the front and the back of the house with the click of a button. Send drink orders to the bar, food orders to the kitchen, and be able to quickly adjust orders as needed with menu modifiers.

Full reporting capabilities

Daily Sales, Customer Loyalty, and Business Summary all examples of reports that will provide reliable and detailed breakdowns of how your restaurant is performing. A good POS should also provide employee stats to see metrics like tips and table turn time.

Inventory tracking

Your POS should allow you to keep inventory of your restaurant and tasting room separate. The ability to create custom catalogues is important so you’re not seeing products in the POS that aren’t even available in the tasting room or restaurant. It will save you a lot of time an stress if you choose a POS that gives you an easy time keeping stock and making any updates or transferring inventory.

Employee management

As your employees arrive, they’ll need to clock in and out for their shift, which should be done within the POS. You will also want to be able to make changes to employee timecards on the POS – not just in the backend. Employee management reporting should also be provided to present breakdowns on employee hours, tip amounts, and other metrics.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Wine Club

A big plus is if your POS offers CRM & Wine Club features to heighten customer experience. These tools will provide the information you need to make each experience individual to your customers. Use these tools to make recommendations on products, see member status, keep cards on file, release pickup orders, or even see if a customer has any unused free tastings.

Integration of winery operations

As we know, wineries and restaurants have different needs when it comes to their point of sale – but they also have a lot of overlap. It is important that you choose a point of sale that understands the wine industry as well as the restaurant industry.

OrderPort Restaurant is the only point of sale designed specifically for winery restaurants and offers full integration of winery operations with your restaurant operations. It is affordable, provides free support 7 days a week, and is continually updated and improved to match users’ needs. 

Click HERE to watch a quick video on OrderPort Restaurant or simply keep this checklist in mind while searching for your winery restaurant solution.

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