Why a Wine Club Membership Should Be at the Top of Your List This Year

A glass of wine by the fireplace, a bottle shared over dinner, a housewarming gift.

Wine creates experience, it evokes warmth, and it pairs deliciously with a steak.

If you have found yourself drawn to the world’s most romantic beverage, I say it’s time to pull the trigger.

Join the wine club.


  1. It saves you time and money

Probably the best perk – you will save money and you will save time.

Most clubs that you join will provide you with discounts on not only the wines in your shipment but all wines on the site. You will probably get some free tastings too.

Depending on the frequency in which you buy wine, there is a club to accommodate that. Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or even yearly, you can subscribe to a wine club that sends you shipments at the rate that fits your desires – and you will learn more about your preferences in the process.

In 2022, we value convenience. Let the wineries do the work for you.


2.  It’s memorable

When you join a wine club, you never miss a release. You get to enjoy the product that they made each season, read the story, and feel closer to both the winery and the wine. It has meaning and it’s memorable – something that you can’t get from the store.

3.  Customizable!

There are two types of wine clubs that a winery often offers – the Winemaker’s Select or the Customer Choice. If you opt for the winemaker’s select, the winery will choose the wines that they think the majority of people would enjoy the most. If, for example, you hate Chardonnay, you may opt to select your wines before each shipment by joining a Customer Choice wine club.


4.  Support the businesses you love

If there is anything that the past few years has taught us, it’s that businesses need our support to stick around, so if there is something that you love – it is important that you support that something.

Wine clubs provide consistent income for wineries, allowing them to produce amazing wine year-round.

In addition to the monetary support, wineries appreciate knowing that people out there enjoy their labor of love. You will not only gain knowledge about wine in general, but you will learn more about the specific winery that you choose.

5.  Member perks!

A fun perk in joining a wine club is that you will get access to exclusive winery events as well as access to free tastings – which usually allow you to bring friends along. This can involve front seats to concerts, wine-paired dinners with renowned chefs, or simply the best tasting table. When you join a wine club, you not only sign up for wine shipments, you sign up for exclusive experiences.

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