Bubbly to Bring in 2023

When you think bubbles, you most likely think of Champagne and Prosecco – but stunning sparkling wine doesn’t have to come from overseas. Let’s look at some award-winning American wines worthy of ringing in the new year.

When you toast to 2023 with a glass of Gruet, you’ll be teleported to France. You’ll also be shocked to learn that the wine you’re drinking is actually from New Mexico…and maybe sourced from Washington and California as well. Gruet was established in 1984 but due to the Gruet family’s French roots, they have really been around much longer. We highly recommend Gruet, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out their many other honorable mentions HERE.

“Just as in Champagne, France, where the grapes are often selected from multiple vineyards in the region, sourcing from several states leads to a more complex wine. Different terroirs bring different components to the final blend. For example, from New Mexico, Gruet gets rich fruit flavors and from Washington, Gruet achieves bright acidity. This cross-state blending truly establishes Gruet as the genuine American Sparkling Wine.”

While all their sparkling wines are delicious, none are more celebratory than their holiday specials. Click HERE to buy one of their glittery 3 bottle packages for just 75 bucks.

Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robles has been producing great-tasting wines for nearly two decades and this year decided to get their feet wet with their first ever sparkling wine. The classics are great, but why not toast with something new and fresh to start the year off right?

Sculpterra Winery is proud to introduce our first ever sparkling wine! What a lovely wine it is – concentrated with bouquets of toasted hazelnut, even bread crust, and a hint of classic stone fruits. The fruit comes from the coastal regions of Central California and consist of 100% French Colombard. The fruit is grown for sparkling wine production and the grapes are picked at precisely the right time with proper sugar and acid balance in the berries.”

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Airfield Estates Winery has a history that most definitely suits the name. The Miller family purchased the land in the early 1900’s in Sunnyside Washington and during the time of World War 2, a portion of the property became a flight school for hundreds of Army pilots. After the war, the focus for the land became agricultural and in 1971 the first commercial planting of grapes was established. After years of selling grapes to other wineries, Airfield Estates was founded in 2005 and have been crafting some of the best Washington state wine since.    

“Made in the classic, time-honored process of Méthode Traditionnelle, this Blanc de Noirs sparkling wine is classified as a brut cuvée. It displays a beautiful golden color with bright aromas of poached apples, crisp melon, and white peaches. The palate bursts with flavors of citrus fruits, pastry cream, and brioche bread. The bubbles marry the palate and highlight the bright natural acidity, creating a beautiful and harmonious balance.”

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Located in beautiful Leelanau County, Michigan, MAWBY specializes in American-made Champagne-style sparkling wines. Fermented twice and never carbonated, MAWBY offers a variety of wines as well as ciders. Their mission is to create the finest sparkling wines while respecting Mother Earth – and in 2023, nothing is more important than that. Feel good about your choice of bubbly this new year’s and give their most provocative wine a try.

“Sex, our rose sparkling wine, is also our most provocative wine offering. This blend is produced from selected wine grapes from various vineyards, which are hand- harvested and whole-cluster pressed. The young wines are blended before being fermented in the cuve close method, producing the delicate natural effervescence. The dosage, which gives the wine it’s distinctive color, is produced from deeply colored red wine made from Regent. Finished Dry (1.4% residual sugar), the wine has ripe red-fruit scents, soft fruit flavors and a clean, rounded finish.”

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In 1976, Glenora Wine Cellars became the first winery established on Seneca Lake in upstate New York. The Finger Lake region has become a hot bed for visitors from all over the world, not only because of its scenery, but also its booming production of wine. Glenora is without a doubt, one of the premiere spots to visit with their award-winning wines, Glenora’s own farm to table restaurant, and even an Inn to stay at.

“Rated by Wine & Spirits August 2020 Issue as a Year’s Best Summer Sparkler! 

Elegant yeast and delicate fruit flavors delightfully intermingle in the 2014 Brut sparkling wine from Glenora Wine Cellars. The grapes were all grown around Seneca Lake and the wine offers delicate strawberry and elegant apple flavors. This sparkling wine was filled into tirage for the secondary fermentation during the summer of 2015, producing a profusion of tiny bubbles that explode to the surface upon opening the bottle. The moderate dosage adds luscious creaminess and a lingering finish.”

Click HERE to buy Glenora’s 2014 Brut for $29.99.

Yellowhawk Resort and Sparkling House is a place that you’ll find yourself going back to time and time again. Located in Walla Walla Washington, it’s a special place that offers a lot of amenities with some of the best sparkling wine in the world, cozy lodging options, and even a spa. Winemaker George-Anne Robertson provides some truly excellent options for wine that are purely dedicated to sparkling wines. If you’ve been in need of a getaway, Yellowhawk Resort is absolutely the place for you.

“Crisp minerality and fresh floral notes from Pinot Gris. Flavors of lemon zest and tropical mangosteen balance the bubbles with bright natural acidity from the Riesling. A zippy and bubbly blend of 75% Riesling and 25% Pinot Gris from the Columbia Valley.”

Click HERE to buy Yellowhawk’s Bubbles White for 30 dollars.

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