Using OrderPort Gift Cards to Sell More Wine

Gift Card Programs open the door to new customers, promote brand awareness, and can increase sales. Gift Cards are some of the most popular gift items during the holiday season but can also offer a steady revenue stream all year round. The OrderPort Gift Card program allows you to offer physical cards, electronic cards, or both. OrderPort’s gift card program is quick and easy to implement, and does all the work for you.


The moment a sale is made, a gift card number is assigned to the order, and the gift card balance is recorded. As the gift card is used, funds are automatically deducted, and the balance can be checked anytime by associates, or online by the customer. When a gift card has insufficient funds for the order, a split ticket is automatically created for the remaining order balance. The Gift Card Summary report will show you all of your gift card stats including revenue, assigned cards, and card balances.


Guests can continue loading the same gift card as often as they would like. When shopping online, if the gift card has insufficient funds, the guest will be offered the opportunity to add funds to the gift card or use an alternative payment method for the remaining balance due.


Because all information is tracked, a lost or stolen gift card is easily replaced. Funds can be transferred to a new card with just the last four and the pin of the original card. If the customer is unsure what those are, the original order can always be referenced to see which gift card was assigned. This function can also be used to transfer funds from an electronic card to a physical one, or vice-versa, depending on the customer preference.

Accessible on all platforms

Gift Cards can be sold and redeemed on all purchasing platforms. Customers can initiate purchases themselves online, or associates can sell and accept gift cards at the point of sale or through admin. Create preset amounts, or let customers select any amount they prefer.


Compatible with Apple Wallet

Electronic gift cards can be added to an Apple Wallet with the tap of a button. Upon receipt of the gift card information, guests just tap the “add to apple wallet” within the email. When presented in the tasting room, associates can scan the barcode from the apple wallet using a scanner, or the iPad camera. Gift card numbers can always be manually entered as well.


When ordering physical gift cards, the design is entirely customizable. Whether it’s your logo, or an image of the winery, your gift cards can be anything you want them to be, making them great for brand awareness. Electronic gift card communications can also be customized and branded.


To order your gift cards today, complete the below order form and send it to along with the graphic for the front of the gift cards.

1.   Gift Card Order Form

2.   Gift Card Template

***Please note that the lead time for printing physical gift cards is about 4 weeks. Rush orders cannot be accommodated during the holiday season

If you are interested in using electronic gift cards, please check out this short document for instructions. 

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