5 Reasons Your Winery Should be Using a Gift Card Program​

Build your customer base:
Allow your current customers to share their love for your winery with potential new customers. The Hustle reports that 34% of shoppers are prompted to visit a store they wouldn’t otherwise go to if they have a gift card (Crocket, 2020, 1).

Brand Awareness:
Customizable gift cards allow you to put your brand in the hands of your customers. With each gift card purchase, your brand is being distributed as a reminder to current customers to stop by, and an opportunity for new customers.

Sales Increase:
Not only are gift card sales immediate cash, you aren’t waiting for the income to come through on a specific holiday or event, but when people redeem their gift cards, the Hustle reports that 75% of gift card users are spending more than the gift card amount. On Average those customers are spending $59 more (Crocket, 2020, 1).

Growing in popularity:
DigitalCommerce360 states that gift card sales have increased 114% from November through December (2021), compared to the same time during the previous year (Berthene, 2021, 2). The already popular gift item has only grown in popularity as people want faster, more convenient gift options that allow the recipient to get exactly what they want. For the people that aren’t spending more, they often aren’t redeeming the gift card in full in one trip, meaning you now have a repeat customer.

Incentivize Purchasing:
Gift cards are a great way to reward your customers for making purchases and keep them coming back. Gift cards can be included in promotions or offers when customers buy certain items or spend a certain amount. They’re also a great way to thank your club members for being loyal patrons.

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