Why Social Media is Worth Your Time

Last week we took a look at a few ways to get started with, and grow your social media following. But why should we put effort into creating and maintaining social media for a business at all? Social media provides larger market reach, promotes customer interaction and helps keep your brand memorable, all while keeping costs low.

When we reach out to people via email or call, most likely we’re reaching out to people who gave us their contact info. And it’s great to follow up with them! Additionally, websites give great information to people who are specifically searching for you. Social media, on the other hand, opens your business up to a whole new group of viewers who may not have known to look for you. Because social media tends to try to show us things we’re interested in, if I view other wine-related content, your posts may start to show up as suggested content for me. This holds true not only for your regular wine content, but also for concerts, food truck nights, tours or other special events. Just be sure to appropriately tag and caption your posts so your keywords are considered. 

When you have a social media profile, your customers can interact with you like they would a friend. This means not only can they message you directly from your profile, but they can also share your content. When customers make a purchase, or are having a great time during their tasting, if they snap a picture and tag your profile or location, all of their friends are seeing your brand. From there, viewers can click right on your profile and get a feel for your brand. This is why it’s also important to maintain your media. There’s nothing more discouraging than clicking on a brand’s profile and seeing a blank profile picture and a single post from 43 weeks ago. 

Not only can your customers interact with you, but you can interact with them. Social media is a great way to get customer feedback without sifting through emails. Post quick surveys to see which local food trucks people would like to see around, or which day works best to host your wine club pickup party. This gives you valuable feedback and allows customers to have a voice, which promotes brand loyalty.

When everyone has a seemingly unlimited number of options to choose from, stay at the forefront of viewers’ minds by making sure your posts consistently show up on their news feeds.


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