Discount Options Through OrderPort​

With Thanksgiving around the corner, big shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also fast-approaching. If your winery plans to offer discounts for the holidays, or anytime, OrderPort has the tools to let you offer almost any eye-catching deal you can think of.

Discount Rules are the most versatile of the discounts, and can be offered on single products, multiple products, product combinations, and/or shipping. When setting up the discount rule, choose specifics like minimum product count or dollar amount to qualify, specific qualifying customer classes, or specific shipping methods. Discount rules automatically apply to any qualifying orders. If you have multiple discount rules active at one time, order them by priority – discount rules will not stack, so higher priority rules will be applied to qualifying orders first.

Promo Codes are used to give a discount on an entire order. This can be a percentage discount, or a dollar amount. When checking out online, the customer simply types in the code, and the appropriate discount is applied to the order. At the point of sale, the clerk will tap on the promo code to be applied at checkout.

Coupon Codes work similarly to promo codes but apply to specific products. These are set up for individual products within your Catalog Manager and can also be a dollar or percentage discount. For these, a maximum per cart quantity can be set.

For further information, customers can review the Documentation section of Admin, or reach out to support any day of the week at 206-464-1151×0 for assistance setting up specific rules.

Interested in a demo of the OrderPort system? Click here. 

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