Wine For Beginners - Finding Your Preferences

For someone new to the world of wine, oftentimes getting started can feel intimidating. Wine is often thought of as an exclusive experience and it can seem like someone has to have specific knowledge in order to explore an interest. But we’re here to end that idea! Wine tasting is a fun experience for seasoned wine drinkers, or a great place to start to find what you like. Here are some tips for getting started.

When you visit a winery to do a tasting, a staff member will be there to guide you through your tasting experience. There will most likely be a handful of set wines that you’ll be introduced to in a specific order. The staff member working with you will tell you a little bit about each wine before you try it. Make a note of the ones you like (or really dislike) and what specifically makes them appealing (or not). Is it crisp and refreshing? Does it leave behind a dry feeling? Then speak with the tasting room staff about those details. They’ll be able to make recommendations based on your preferences. You may start to notice similarities in the recommendations you’re getting from winery to winery.

Alternatively, most grocery stores also have a wine expert. And no problem if you don’t have any wine tastings under your belt for reference. If you have a general idea of what flavors you enjoy, like very sweet, citrusy, peppery, or if you have a meal you’ll be enjoying your wine with, the wine consultant will be able to give you some direction.

Keep Trying: There are a lot of factors that go into creating wine and can even change the taste of the same kind of wine from producer to producer. Which means that even if you dislike a Cabernet from one brand, you might love it from another brand. If you consistently find you don’t enjoy a certain kind of wine, that may not be the one for you, but give each one a few tries across a few brands before ruling it out.  

Own what you like! “Good” wine is completely subjective. There’s no price minimum that has to be met or specific brands to buy from in order to be part of the wine community. If you like it, it’s good wine.   


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